Project Hope
Hope, the first dog taken into NGWPR foster care, remained in long term foster care with a loving family until her death. When first evaluated, she was hairless, lethargic, and near death with undiagnosed and untreated thyroid disease. With loving, patience, and good medical care, she lived a wonderful life, educating many about this devastating disease.
As many rescue dogs may suffer from this illness, the National German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue organization believes that we are responsible to screen dogs at high risk before offering them for adoption.

Due to generous donations from Chuck Casanova and Robin K Nelson, DVM and Brian and Leslie R Dye, MD to begin funding for this project, these foundational contributions and additional donations will allow us to test all male rescues, aged 2–4 years and any dogs with symptoms (the groups at highest risk) with antibody testing. The cost of testing can be up to $200 with shipping, as only specialized laboratories offer the testing.