More opportunities to support NGWPR

As an organization run entirely by volunteers and funded by donors, we appreciate any and all support that we can get (the dogs are thankful too). Below are a number of ways you can help.

Special products
From time to time we have special products available for sale outside of our store. Please take a look and see if there is anything you like from time to time. We will post about new additions on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Social media champions
We have an amazing group of followers on Facebook and Instagram. If you're not following us, please do! Once you're following us, you can help us simply by sharing our posts and pictures with your network and affinity groups. We never know who we will reach and social media platforms have proven to be our best resource. So please, follow, like and most importantly, SHARE.

Local shelter monitoring
While we are often quickly made aware of GWPs in need there are many out there that we likely haven't heard about. You can help us by keeping an eye out for GWPs at your local shelters. Every set of eyes we have enables us to save more lives. Please keep an eye out and notify us if you happen across a GWP that needs help.

Build awareness for our owner release program
NGWPR will work with owners who feel it best to rehome their GWP. The goal is to intervene in the surrender process such that the dog does not end up at an animal control facility. The goal is to reduce the number of GWPs turning up at animal control facilities. Not many people are aware of our program and we are asking you to help spread the word. If you see a post of an owner needing to surrender his/her GWP, please tell them about us or tag us. If it comes up in discussion, speak up about our program. The greater the awareness the less the likelihood another GWP finds itself homeless.

Planned giving
Please consider NGWPR during your estate planning. As a non-profit organization we benefit greatly from specific bequests, as an insurance beneficiary, or through the gift of specific assets. We would be honored to receive your consideration. 

Shop with our supporters
Did you know that you can support National GWP Rescue while shopping at your favorite online stores? The information and links below can help you get set up to start supporting!

Amazon Smile

Click the link above to shop through Amazon Smile. Select National GWP Rescue as your non-profit and a portion of your purchase will be donated to our rescue.


Download the Benefit app and a percentage of ALL of your purchases will go to our rescue. Make sure to select National GWP Rescue as the beneficiary.


Click the link above to shop for your Bissell. A portion of each purchase will be donated.


Chewy will make a donation to National GWP Rescue for the first order placed by a new customer.

More opportunities to support NGWPR

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