Adoptable German Wirehaired Pointers

11 year old Jayley is looking for a forever family and we believe a home without other dogs. She was found by her current owners back in November very emaciated. They took her in and she’s been good with people and their small dog. This week, she escaped the yard and tangled with another dog... and this wasn’t the first time this has happened. The owners original thought was to put her down yesterday. With the help of several rescues yesterday we were able to talk to the owner and share our OWNER RELEASE program which is of no cost to the owner. They have agreed and would like to keep her until a family would like to adopt her since they’ve had her for a very short time. 

If you’re able to give Jayley a loving home and Lee a close watch on her outside so she doesn’t wander off, we believe she’d make a great pet. 

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*Adoption pending

Formerly known as Aries, EROS, located in Aberdeen, SD, is a one year old black and white male, who is super sweet and good with dogs and people. was turned into a shelter as a stray.  

*Transportation costs are the responsibility of the adopter.

Additional photos may be found on our Instagram page @NationalGWPRescue or on our Facebook page.
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To adopt, please fill out an application

To adopt, please fill out an application
I'm Ziggy, I'm around 3 years old, and I'm super cute but also can be a handful since I'm still young. I love to destroy toys, swim, run, chase things, and talk. Toys don't stand a chance and my foster mom tells me she can't find any that I haven't managed to destroy in record time. My prey drive is high, so I can't be trusted around cats or other small animals. They are just too much fun to try and catch. I've been out training with birds and loved it, so if someone wants to take time to teach me how to hunt birds with them that would be great! I definitely need a job or I may get a little naughty making my own up. My foster parents tell me I'm too smart for my own good sometimes, I guess that's because if I really want to do something I can usually figure out a way to do it. I love to please, but need a strong alpha so I know exactly how I'm expected to behave. If not, well that's when I can get a little naughty since I do like to push boundaries to see what I can and can't get away with. I have lots of energy and am not very careful when I play, so I may be too rough for small children. I like to show everyone what a great voice I have, whether it's making lots of noise while playing, barking at the neighbor's little dog, or just having a conversation with anyone that will listen while I run up and down the stairs. No one will ever accuse me of being shy. I'm always good in my crate, though, and I like having that as my own space. I am wary around other dogs when I first meet them, and do not like it when they get to bouncy or bark at me. As a puppy I didn't get to play with others so I don't always understand that other dogs don't mean any harm by this. Patience is needed with me while I figure them out; but once I know them, if they're nice we will be best friends. I tend to like males better, my foster sister is ok, and we get along, but we both can't be queen! My perfect home needs to be active and give me a job, be a strong leader for me, understand that I like to talk a lot, and have patience as I make new doggy friends. 

Remi is 9 yrs old, neutered, and UTD on shots. Super sweet.... would do great with a retired couple or a family who works from home.  Just wants to be near her humans.  

Remi suffers from separation anxiety and his family works outside of the home so he is left for long periods of time and this causes he a great deal of stress. 

When he’s with his family, he loves to hunt and play and go on outside adventures! He is smart and very well mannered ... he just needs a family that allows him but he needs a family that allows him to be around his humans more. He lives with 2 children ages 2 and 4 and is very good with them. Good with other dogs. 
To adopt, please fill out an application
“Puck” in Texas, was pulled from the Bryan David Shelter in June. Puck just turned 10 and is HW negative and UTD on shots. He previously lived with another female and male GWP. All 3 were surrendered by the family when the elderly owner needed long term hospital care. If interested in  giving this sweet senior a home please complete our application found on our website.   His current foster family shared, "he's perfect in every way".

Also, please help spread the word that we have an owner release program.... no charge to the owner. Please don’t let someone take their GWP to a shelter. This guy was on the euthanize list.... and that could have been avoided with better understanding about all that our rescue does for German Wirehaired Pointers. 
Meet Gretchie
She and her six month old brother (Hans recently adopted) were abandoned about 70 miles north of Atlanta.  Very loving, love to be on the couch snuggling, and is a  happy puppy  but ....high prey drive so no cats or small dogs.  *Possibly Lab / GWP mix  

You can call Suzanne 860-921-7827 if you have questions.
To adopt, please fill out an application
Eiger is being fostered in St Paul, MN. He is very sweet but terribly thin at 36 pounds. Picked up as a stray In deplorable condition. He is 3-4 yrs old. 
To adopt, please fill out an application
To adopt, please fill out an application
To adopt, please fill out an application
UPDATE:  If you’ve put an application in for Phoebe please know that the adoption process is on hold while she works with a trainer to improve her obedience and manners. 

Applications will be reviewed beginning at the end of September.  

Phoebe, in Boise Idaho, needs a new foster to adopt.  Her current foster family's other dog required ACL surgery and one year old Phoebe's energy levels make it difficult for Daisy's recovery process.  If you're looking to adopt, please consider fostering to adopt our Phoebe.  She's good with other dogs and loves people and children.
Adoptable Annie is an absolute sweetheart.  She's good with people, children, dogs and cats.  If you're looking to give a GWP a home, Annie is  a great match.
Almost a year old.
To adopt, please fill out an application
Jolene in North Carolina is looking for her forever home.  She was pulled from a shelter in June and has done very well with her foster family.  She's a very loving and sweet dog that is good with people and other dogs.