Adoptable German Wirehaired Pointers

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Molly, spayed, female GWP, Alabama
To adopt, please fill out an application
Saige, 1 yr old Female, Slick Coat, Arizona
To adopt, please fill out an application
Meet Saige- adopter needed - located in AZ. She is a lovely slick coat who will 1 in May. She has been fighting with her sister and will be placed in a home with no other pets. Saige will need to be spayed. 

If you are interested please call 860-921-7827 for more information or simply complete an application.
Finn, 4 yr old neutered, male GWP, Yorba Linda, CA
To adopt, please fill out an application
Finn-located in Yorba Linla, CA, neutered male. He is four years old and nervous around children so please no families with small children. 

He is afraid of fireworks and thunder. He is loyal and loving and would do best in a GWP experienced adult home. 

Please call 860-921-7827 for more information or complete an adoption application
Pebbles, 9 yr old , female GWP, Seattle, WA
Pebbles located in Seattle, WA  has settled in nicely after her trip from Korea. She's a lovely girl about nine years old who loves the company of her people.

She would do OK in a home with a male dog as long as he was not too rambunctious. She is not aggressive but does not like dogs in her personal space. She will do great in an adult home with somebody who has lots of time to love her She is not ready yet to be adopted so please follow her story on Facebook.

For more information call Suzanne 860-921-7827 and if you are interested in adoption you can fill out the adoption application 
To adopt, please fill out an application
Odin, male GWP, Yuba, CA
Odin- located in Yuba City. CA
This boy is a heartbreaker. He is being tested for Cushings He is intact and HW positive. He is very friendly to people and dogs he is with a wonderful foster couple and has already showing signs of weight gain and improvements in his skin. 

He has a long road ahead to good health. We are definitely looking for donations to help with his medical care. 

When he is fully vetted and ready he will be put up for adoption.

If you have questions please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 donations can be made through our website
On December 5 of last year the owner of DOC rolled his truck and suffered back injuries including breaking eight vertebrae. Doc was in a kennel in the bed of the truck and was thrown out he broke his back and incurred spinal cord injuries. He was taken into emergency surgery. His bills were in excess of $12,000 and after lung therapy he is able to have a good quality of life using his cart. 

He is a two-year-old Drahthaar who is currently intact and has a very loving disposition. Doc was professionally trained and is eager to please. He loves going on trails and walks using his Ruff Rollin wheelchair. 

His owner loves him however a change in his career requires him to travel a great deal and he can no longer give Doc the quality of care he deserves. 

If you are willing to take on a special-needs dog with a long life ahead please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 or complete an adoption application.
To adopt, please fill out an application
Doc, 2 yr old intact, male Drathaar, Missoula, MT
Received a call stating the owner had passed away and her husband is battling cancer and in rehab. 

There is nobody in the family that can keep her. Molly has had a bad haircut but she is friendly and outgoing. 

She is spayed, UTD on shots and microchipped. Please call or text Suzanne 860-921-7827.
Rufus, 3 yr old, neutered, male GWP, Alcester, SD
Meet Rufus-A three year-old neutered male, 52 lb, GWP located in Alcester South Dakota. 

He is registered with NAVHDA. His owner passed away recently from cancer. Rufus is in the care of family. 

He is very friendly but does have a tendency to jump on new people. He’s very sweet. He would be suitable for a home with older children he has a high energy level. He is good with other dogs but no cats. 

A day in the life of the amazing Doc
Doc is the most amazing dog I have ever worked with. And I have had a ton of foster, rescue and other dogs. He has the most amazing disposition. Everyone loves him. He has made a ton of human and dog friends on his walks and gets greeted regularly. “Good work , Doc!” is something we hear quite a bit. He is a big old teddy bear. If you are on the floor where he can see you, he will be flopped down on you giving you slobbery kisses. He has such a will to please and do whatever is asked of him. 
His awesome owner, Morgan is the expert on him, and can answer all these questions better than me. He always helps/answers me when I reach out to him. Here is what our day looks like…..

Doc wakes up about 6 am, or when the rest of the house starts stirring. He sleeps inside my home beside my bed but is perfectly happy sleeping in his crate. He will go into the crate on command. Doesn’t bark or whine while in the crate. I just don’t use it because my other dogs also sleep in my bedroom.  I take him outside as soon as he is up. I just say “Doc, come”and he follows me. He scoots along pretty fast. He stays outside while I get his breakfast ready. I make him stand on his own while he eats his food. I hold his food bowl up about waist height and he pulls himself to a stand. Then I set his food down for him. I do use a raised feeder but he does fine if it is on the ground. Sometimes I have to help him position his hind legs for a more solid stance as he tends to put them very close together. After he eats, I put him in his wheelchair and let him wander in the yard while I get ready for our walk. He almost always has a BM then. I walk him for an hour in the morning, usually 3 miles. He loves his walks and towards the end of the walk is where he really engages those back legs. 

When we get home he is pretty fatigued. I take him out of his wheelchair. He drinks tons of water, again standing on his own, and usually chills in the backyard while I get my other dogs fed and I get ready for my day. Then I bring him in the house and he lays in my office with me while I work. I set a timer and make him get up every hour and stand. I get on the floor ahead of him and call him and he will pull himself up and stand. I have a ton of exercises I do with him at this point that the physical therapist gave me. I choose one thing and we work on it for literally 2-5 minutes. At around noontime, it’s back in his wheelchair and we go outside in the yard. I usually water my flowers, garden, etc. and he runs around and plays with the other dogs or I will throw a ball or toy for him. Probably 10-15 minutes total. Afternoons the routine is the same, unless he has a physical therapy appointment. And then I just drop him off.. I only come back for the last 15-20 minutes of his therapy to see what he did and what I need to work on. He typically is by my side while I cook, do laundry, etc. He just lays down and is chill. He will stay wherever on command and not move. I just say “Doc, stay” and he literally will not move from that spot, with the exception if someone comes home. Then he makes a dash for the door to greet them. He eats dinner around 5. Same routine. Stand. Eat. Wheelchair so he can move around and have a BM. We go for our second walk as soon as it cools down enough to do so. After dinner walk typically shorter, usually about 2 miles, depending on time. Again, I am doing these walks to work on his gait/walking/ muscle strength. He would be just as happy running around the yard in his wheelchair. I try and do his massages, range of motion, and nerve stimulation work at night when I am watching tv or hanging with the family. If I am busy, he is perfectly happy with one of my kids or hubby just hanging with him and rubbing his back legs, or brushing him. Bedtime is easy. I tell him “Doc, bed” and he goes and gets on his bed. He sleeps great.  

Now, the real story. I’m busy. A lot. I go to the grocery store, gym, have to travel every 1-2 months or more for work, I am taking care of elderly parents and have 2 kids at home but in college. Doc realistically doesn’t get worked with every hour because of my busy schedule. But when I am home, I do make it a priority to follow the schedule of some exercise every hour, and at least make him stand and balance himself to build muscle. And I don’t miss his walks in the morning. I make those a priority, but like I said, he would be just as happy running around the yard.  

The first week or so I had him, I was nervous to leave him. He is fine. Doesn’t bark, dig or otherwise get into mischief when left alone. I have left him in my yard if the temperature outside is okay, I have left him in my office, and have left him in the laundry/ pantry room. He has been fine in all places.

I am asked about his incontinence a lot. Right now he has a bladder infection and is on antibiotics. Currently, he is not emptying his bladder on his own. Once his bladder is full, he will dribble with movement. I have been manually emptying his bladder about 4 times a day. He does not dribble as much if I do this, but I still have him wear a band since he is in the house. I do not know if this will improve after his infection clears up. The physical therapist did not know either. Morgan may have more information on this.  
I do have to offer him water often or he will drink excessive amounts at one time. I just keep a water bowl near him and offer it to him often.  

I do give him a bath/shower frequently and he is fine with it. P
He loves it if I put his food (kibble) in a Kong and freeze it. I will use pure pumpkin purée to bind it. I usually give him 3/4 of his food at mealtime and use the other part to put in the Kong and for treats during the day. He has to have his GI sensitive food brand, or he will have issues with his stool/ tummy. He loves ice and frozen blueberries. He is on a probiotic to help with his sensitive tummy. I do not know what his prognosis is. I can tell you he is a hard worker. He has gained strength since I have had him. My goal has been to get him to maintain balance and take steps around the house without the wheelchair. Again, Morgan is the expert on Doc.
Stark, 1 yr old, male GWP, Ohio
Stark is ready for adoption. He needs an adult home with people who will continue his training.

With the previous owner, he exhibited some resource guarding. He has done very well in training, but I would like to see him go to a home where the family can continue to work with Heidi. 

No small children. He is good with other dogs
Ellie, 5 yr old, intact, female GWP, Anderson, CA
Ellie-5 year old intact female needs a new home without small animals, she could easily jump a 5 foot livestock fence is responsible for the demise of several rabbits and to sheep. 

Eli is located in Anderson California. She is very sweet with people and children and truly a Velcro dog she is good with other dogs and loves to play. She has a great recall . 

To adopt, please fill out an application
Milo, 3 yr old, neutered, male GWP, Lansing, Michigan
Milo-3 yr old neutered male in Lansing Michigan. 

Milo was a very happy boy until the couple had a son last year at the attention they were able to give him has been reduced.

He would benefit from a home with no children or family who has lots of time to devote to him. He’s a little shy with new people but he does warm-up appropriately. 

Milo needs a home with no chickens. 

Call Suzann 860-921-7827 for more information or simply complete an adoption application
River Rose, 2.5 yr old, spayed, female GWP, Ohio
Meet River Rose a lovely 2 1/2 year old spayed female. 

She should have plenty of drive and natural ability. Her foster has a littermate who was NAVHDA prize 1 NA. 

She is obedient and trick trained. She is not off leash trained so she needs a fenced yard. She is good with dogs and super loving. 

Located in Ohio. Owner moved to the city and had no place for her. 

To adopt, please fill out an application
Ryu, 16 weeks old,  male GWP, North Carolina
Max, neutered, male GWP, Harrah, OK
To adopt, please fill out an application
Grover, 6 months old,  male GWP Cross, Wheaton, IL
Ryu-located in North Carolina. 

He is 16 weeks old has had his first two rounds of puppy shots it is not neutered. We have taken him as his owner changed jobs and will be traveling a significant amount of time. 
I do not know who the breeder of this puppy is.  This puppy is very high energy. He knows how to climb a 4 foot fence to get attention. 

He needs a job. 

He will not be suitable for an average pet home. A hunting home would be amazing.
Meet Max-this is the dog that had been abandoned in Harrah Oklahoma. 

He is currently boarding at the local vet and has received all of his vaccines and was neutered on Friday. 

Max is ready to go to Foster foster while we treat his heartworm. After that he will be ready for adoption fosters always have the first right to adopt. 

If you are interested in Max he is good with adults children dogs, large and small and cats. He is an all-around lovely dog who just needs a family of his own who won’t leave him behind. 

Meet Grover a six month old GWP cross in Wheaton Illinois. He is currently in foster and was picked up as a stray in Arkansas. 

He’s good with other dogs good with cats and loves people. He’s a sweet boy who is going to make someone a wonderful family companion. 

For more information call Suzann 860-921-7827 or simply fill out an application.
Ava, 4 yr old, spayed, female GWP, WA
To adopt, please fill out an application
Ava-located in Washington State. She is a 4yr old spayed female. 

Her owner says she is goofy loving cuddly and affectionate to her people she loves to hike play and take walks. She is being placed because she can be aggressive and resource guards especially with the other female dogs.

Eva will be placed in a home without other dogs and no cats. Perfect if you think she would be a good fit for your home please call Suzanne with questions 860-921-7827 or simply complete an adoption application.
To adopt, please fill out an application
Jessa, 1 1/2 yr old,  spayed, female GWP, Iowa
Jessa-in Iowa, spayed 1 1/2 yrs old. She was adopted from a shelter but is not good with cats or small dogs. 

She loves too cuddle, loves to be out side. If you are interested in Jessa please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 or fill out an application.