Adoptable German Wirehaired Pointers

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Saige, 1 yr old Female, Slick Coat, Arizona
To adopt, please fill out an application
Meet Saige- adopter needed - located in AZ. She is a lovely slick coat who will 1 in May. She has been fighting with her sister and will be placed in a home with no other pets. Saige will need to be spayed. 

If you are interested please call 860-921-7827 for more information or simply complete an application.
Pebbles, 9 yr old , female GWP, Seattle, WA
Pebbles located in Seattle, WA  has settled in nicely after her trip from Korea. She's a lovely girl about nine years old who loves the company of her people.

She would do OK in a home with a male dog as long as he was not too rambunctious. She is not aggressive but does not like dogs in her personal space. She will do great in an adult home with somebody who has lots of time to love her She is not ready yet to be adopted so please follow her story on Facebook.

For more information call Suzanne 860-921-7827 and if you are interested in adoption you can fill out the adoption application 
To adopt, please fill out an application
Odin, male GWP, Yuba, CA
Odin- located in Yuba City. CA
This boy is a heartbreaker. He is being tested for Cushings He is intact and HW positive. He is very friendly to people and dogs he is with a wonderful foster couple and has already showing signs of weight gain and improvements in his skin. 

He has a long road ahead to good health. We are definitely looking for donations to help with his medical care. 

When he is fully vetted and ready he will be put up for adoption.

If you have questions please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 donations can be made through our website
Gunner, 8 yr old, intact, male GWP, Blaine, MN
Luna, 5 yr old spayed,  female GWP, Orangevale, CA
Dusty (4) & Quinn (5), intact females Slick Coat GWP, Pennsylvania
Located in Pennsylvania Two slick females. 

Dusty a four-year-old intact and Quinn a five-year-old also intact. 

These dogs were given up due to the owners illness. 

Quinn lived her first year inside however both dogs have been kenneled outside and in the garage for the past four years. 

I am looking for Foster’s for both of them they will be separated. Please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 for more information. You can also complete a Foster application​.

Ava, 4 yr old, spayed, female GWP, WA
To adopt, please fill out an application
Ava-located in Washington State. She is a 4yr old spayed female. 

Her owner says she is goofy loving cuddly and affectionate to her people she loves to hike play and take walks. She is being placed because she can be aggressive and resource guards especially with the other female dogs.

Eva will be placed in a home without other dogs and no cats. Perfect if you think she would be a good fit for your home please call Suzanne with questions 860-921-7827 or simply complete an adoption application.
Jessa, 1 1/2 yr old,  spayed, female GWP, Iowa
What can we say about Jessa? The longer she has been with us the better she is with the other fur babies in our home. She loves to interact with our Cockalier, Lyric. She is pretty gentle with her and Lyric goes back for more. Our deaf dog, Sadie doesn’t interact with her very much, as she would rather be in my lap. 

Jessa, loves being outside in the fenced backyard. She will do anything for a treat and knows several tricks. She is definitely trainable. She even has gotten better with our cat, Panda. It’s a love hate relationship on both parts. Neither one avoids the other. Jessa has the best facials and will often put her head on my arm to let me know she needs outside or wants me to throw her toy so she can go after it. 

Jessa also sleeps on her bed or on the floor rug at night. She will go in the kennel if necessary, but would rather be left out. We have left her out when we leave for short periods and has done pretty well, but will occasionally get into some mischief if things are within her reach. She is still working on being trusted when alone. 

Overall, Jessa is a great dog, the only reason we are trying to find her another home is because our smaller dogs often get under her feet and we don’t want them getting injured by her excitement. Being deaf is also a danger because Sadie can’t hear any warning growls or her approaching. 

She is happiest when she is chewing her bones! 

Jessa is also a great watch dog. She will alert us if we have anyone at the door or if there is something outside that is not normally there (we live on a farm so we get other critters walking through at times). 

She LOVES chasing after the birds in the yard. She has caught a few too. 

Jessa also love attention and would love to be slap dog if you let her. If you are looking for a great GWP give Jessa a look. You won’t be disappointed.

If you are interested in Jessa please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 or fill out an application.
Sage, female GWP, Eiko, NV
Louie, 4.5 yr old male GWP, Colorado
Klaus, 2 yr old male GWP, Minneapolis, MN
Meet Sage-located in Elko, NV

Five month old Sage was hit by a car and suffered a Shattered front leg. The owner took her to the vet but was unable to raise the funds necessary for surgery so they decided on euthanasia. A good Samaritan in the office stepped up and offered to take her. 

She has now had the leg amputated, is up-to-date on all her shots and is ready for a new home.  

She is crate trained but has no other training. 

If you would like to give this lovely girl a forever home please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 or complete an application.
Courtesy listing-Colorado-Louie is 4 1/2 and was raised as a farm dog. 

He is learning how nice it is to live inside and still has occasional accidents. 

He is well mannered inside, would be great with a female dog, no cats! 

Call Cindy 970-353-1385
Meet Klaus-located in Minneapolis Minnesota. Looking for a foster or adopter for Klaus. 

He is a two year old intact male. He will be neutered when he enters rescue. He is a black and white goofy intelligent and lovable boy. He’s also an excellent hunter and works fairly close. He is confident in the field and has a great recall. 

Klaus is it a home where he has been attacked multiple times by the other dogs and has become fearful and reactive. 

He will be placed in a home with no other dogs and no cats.

If you can offer Klaus a foster or adoptive home please contact Suzanne 860-921-7827 or fill out an application.
Gunner-Blaine, MN-8 yr old intact male, absolutely wonderful family dog professionally trained in 2016 for upland game. 

The family has learned that their two-year-old is allergic to him. This is heartbreaking for the family that has to give him up.

Excellent manners loves all people including children and is good with other dogs.

If you’re interested, please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 or simply complete an adoption application
To adopt, please fill out an application
Hoyt, 7 yr old neutered male GWP, PA
Karbon, male GWP, Atlanta, MI
Karbon-Atlanta, Michigan, this handsome boy was born in Poland, and was slated to go to a family in the Ukraine. Due to the war, he never left the breeder and spent five months living in an outdoor kennel with his littermates. 

Karbon needs an experienced owner that is not gone long hours. He needs structure and consistency. He still has an an occasional pee on the carpet. the positive is his love of people. No cats. 

Please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 or complete an application
Hoyt-7 yr old neutered male located in PA. 

No cats or small dogs. Good with adults and children.  rehoming, because he does not get along with the other dog in the house. 

He loves car rides and walks and cuddles. His ideal home would be with somebody who either works from home or is not gone for long hours. 

Please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 or fill out an application. 
Meet Luna located in Orangevale California. Luna is a five year old spayed, female. She is incredibly sweet and kind hearted, energetic, and adores people. 

She loves fetch and patrolling the property. She is housetrained, crate, trained and remote collar trained. She is very exuberant prone to jumping and play nipping when excited so she does require consistency in her training. 

She adores children, but her high energy may be too much for toddlers. She can become jealous of other dogs so she will be placed as the only dog in the home. 

She is good with cats once she gets to know them. She does have some allergies that are well-managed with Apoquel.  If you are interested in learning more, please call or text Suzanne at 860-921-7827 to fill out an application
Lucy, 2 yr old, spayed, female GWP, Oshkosh, WI
Meet Lucy located in Oshkosh Wisconsin. 

This lovely female is spayed and up-to-date on her shots. She is two years old and was turned in to a shelter because of serious illness in her family. 

She is looking for her forever home. She loves people she will be entering Foster on Saturday and I will have more information on her behavior at that time. 

Please watch for updates and if you are interested in adopting, please complete an adoption application
Pete, male, GWP, Virginia
Update: Pete has settled in beautifully with his foster. He went to the vet last Monday and is scheduled to have surgery on his wounds on Tuesday. They will debride the wounds, pack them with manuka honey, stitch the bandage in place and put a surgical suit on him. The procedure including his first visit will be about $1200. I am including some recent photos.

Pete is a lovely dog he has settled in with his foster family. He is good with dogs, adults and children. He wants to be with them all the time but he is not pushy. Yes, they go in the room and close the door. He will wait patiently outside the door. I don’t know where he came from, but he appears to be a dog that was loved at one point in his short life, if you can help donations would be greatly appreciated toward his care. Our website is simply click on the donation tab and put in Pete’s name to specify donations are for him. I will update everyone Tuesday night after the procedure is completed.

When you think you’ve seen everything, something more horrific comes your way. I have been asked to help this dog in Virginia. He was picked up as a stray and is at a shelter. He has been to the vet and as you can see his condition is absolutely  deplorable. This is not going to be a quick Foster. I need somebody that could keep him and get him to his medical appointments while he heals and gains weight. Of course, the rescue will cover all costs. He is very sweet and for some strange reason still loves people. 

If you can help, please text me 860-921-7827. I will have more information on him tomorrow.
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To adopt, please fill out an application
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