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Adoptable German Wirehaired Pointers
All of the dogs on this page are available for adoption.  Dogs are moved to our adopted dogs  page as soon as they find their furever homes.  Please contact the person listed  under the dog's information and pictures.  This is the foster home and they can start the adoption process for you and give you more information on the dog. If there is a note that says NO CATS, the dog has been tested with cats and will not be allowed in a home with cats.  If there is no note, it doesn't mean the dog is good with cats, just that they haven't been tested with cats.
***Please note that the dogs below the red line are not yet ready for adoption.  They are currently in foster care and will become available when they have had the appropriate amount of training and have been proclaimed healthy.  Some just have training issues, some have treatable health issues, such as allergies or heartworms.  Please feel free to donate to their causes, as treatment isn't free :)  Some of them may be waiting for more permanent foster situations also, so don't hesitate to ask if you think you can help out.  And by all means if you want to get on the list to be considered for adoption on one of them, just let us know.

"BEAU" - 1-1/2 year old neutered male
Beau is a 1 1/2 yr old neutered male. He was quite fearful when he came to us, but has become very friendly. He can still be a bit timid around men at first, but gets over it quickly.  

We have not had him around small children, so I would recommend a home without them. He gets along great with all other dogs and has learned to walk well on a leash and sit on command.  

He didn’t know anything when he arrived, so his obedience is still a work in progress. He is crate trained and seems to be house broken.  

For more info on Beau, 
please contact Heidi at

"ToTo" - 1-1/2 year old spayed female
Toto is a 1 1/2 yr old spayed female. She is super high energy and needs a strong owner. Toto would most likely do well as a hunting dog and/or competition dog. She has very high prey drive and needs a job. Toto gets along well with other dogs, after introductions and a firm reminder to be nice. She absolutely loves to play, once they have gotten the initial dominance games out of the way.  

For more info on fostering or adopting Toto, please contact Heidi at 

"Falco" -   year old neutered male
The owner of this 2 year old registered German Wirehair would like to rehome him. He was purchased from a breeder to be a hunting dog but has an arthritic knee from a joint infection he suffered as a puppy and cannot withstand the demands of hunting. He is otherwise healthy and very active. The owner would like it to be understood that he likes this dog and only want to put him in better situation.

From the owner…”He gets along great with other medium to large breed dogs. He has not been around small dogs and will probably chase cats (think hunting dog). I’ve had friends watch him and he does fine with their kids and dogs. He is housebroken and sleeps indoors. He will like to cuddle up on the floor or a couch but he also needs LOTS of time outdoors in a yard to keep him from getting bored and willful. He will need a fenced yard with a relatively high (5-6 ft.) fence. He can escape through bad gates or over low fences. He doesn’t really like to be left alone but is getting better about it. My opinion is that he would be better off with one other medium to large active dog (lab, cattle dog, pointer, etc…).
He has been used for hunting and has strong hunting instincts but the vets recommend that he not be used for hunting as it will cause his knee to deteriorate. He runs fine and does not seem to be in pain but he will favor his right rear leg if he is worked hard in the field. I have vet records and he is up to date on vaccinations.”

Please contact the owner directly at 208-390-0619
This is a Courtesy Posting. This dog is not in the National GWP Rescue program and we take no responsibility for his temperament, etc.