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Adoptable German Wirehaired Pointers
All of the dogs on this page are available for adoption.  Dogs are moved to our adopted dogs  page as soon as they find their furever homes.  Please contact the person listed  under the dog's information and pictures.  This is the foster home and they can start the adoption process for you and give you more information on the dog. If there is a note that says NO CATS, the dog has been tested with cats and will not be allowed in a home with cats.  If there is no note, it doesn't mean the dog is good with cats, just that they haven't been tested with cats.
***Please note that the dogs below the red line are not yet ready for adoption.  They are currently in foster care and will become available when they have had the appropriate amount of training and have been proclaimed healthy.  Some just have training issues, some have treatable health issues, such as allergies or heartworms.  Please feel free to donate to their causes, as treatment isn't free :)  Some of them may be waiting for more permanent foster situations also, so don't hesitate to ask if you think you can help out.  And by all means if you want to get on the list to be considered for adoption on one of them, just let us know.

Deuce is an owner release.  Sadly his 
owners bit off more than they could
 chew when they got this guy.  Deuce 
came from a back yard breeder, who 
is breeding dogs with no registration 
papers and no health clearances.  We 
beg that people avoid purchasing a 
dog from a breeder who is not reputable.  
Deuce's previous owners purchased 
the dog very cheap, but had no idea 
of the medical expenses they would 
incur after their initial purchase.  
They are a family on a very tight 
budget, but soon learned that saving 
money on the purchase of the dog 
isn't always the best way to go.  When it became apparent that they could not afford the care that Deuce needed to be healthy, they asked the breeder if they could return him.  The breeder did agree to take Deuce back, but made it clear that he would just put him to sleep.

Deuce's owners thought that he suffered from severe allergies, but when they told us the symptoms we suspected differently.  When Deuce arrived to me in NC, I promptly took him to the vet within minutes of his stepping foot off the transport.  Deuce was diagnosed with a very low thyroid (as we had suspected) and lyme disease.   He may have allergies, but those symptoms could be just from the low thyroid.   Only time will tell.  Deuce has a very long road to recovery.  He is currently here at Blue Line Kennel in Waxhaw, NC and will remain here until we are certain of the extent of his health issues and whether or not he will make a full recovery.   Please follow this site for updates on his progress. Deuce is being fostered in NC.

If you are interested in more information on Deuce and his availability,   Please contact Heidi Baumbarger at or 704-843-0944
Deuce's ear, due to excessive shaking from chronic ear infections.
Deuce showing his inability to keep weight on.
Deuce depressed and uncomfortable. Notice the hair loss on feet.

 "DEUCE" - 1-1/2 year old neutered liver and white male

Max was found in the desert when he was about 1 year old. He is very caring and respects all other animals and humans. He enjoys human and canine company, but looks to humans for most companionship. Due to his first year of life, he is not very secure. He does not like to be left alone and on three occasions in his 8 years has become destructive. He is less anxious when left alone now, but does become agitated sometimes if left for a longer period. Max does not take well to crating and will find a way out of any crate we have tried. He is shy of thunder and fireworks and becomes agitated when he is in crowds of people and obviously wants to get away from them.

Max does hunt birds though his pointing skills are nil, he will spot and retrieve quail and dove. He has not been exposed to pheasant or ducks. He is not gun shy and gets quite excited at the sound of guns being loaded and shot. He starts looking for birds when he hears reports. Max is more of a casual bird hunter like me.  

We are becoming full time RVrs’, that life style will not suite Max. There will be many times he would be left alone when he cannot accompany us due to rule and regulations.

Max would be a perfect companion for an active person who can spend a lot of time with him. He is not needy and demands attention, he just wants to be around people. He rarely barks, is very obedient and has a strong desire to please. We have grown to love him very much and if there was any other way we would not give him up. 

Please contact us if you are interested in him, he will make a great addition to the right family.

Walt and Kelly Hall
4020 E Sacaton Street
Phx, AZ 85044

"MAX" - 8 year old neutered liver and white male
**This is a courtesy posting. GWPCA Rescue takes no responsibility for his temperament, behavior, health, etc. Please contact the owners directly for more information.
​Seeker is very good in the house. No accidents, and he lets you know when he has to go outside. He is calm in the house, and is good with one long walk a day. He sleeps on the bed, but would be okay with his own bed. He loves people and loves to ride in the car. He has been left alone in the house and did not cause any damage. Just wants to hang out with you. He has not been around any cats or other animals. Seeker is being fostered in MN.

"SEEKER" - 9 year old liver and white neutered male
Contact Heidi Baumbarger in NC at or 704-843-0944 
for more information on Seeker. 

"WILLIE" - 8 year old liver & white neutered male  
Willie is very well behaved in the house and outside off leash. He comes when called and is also conditioned to an e-collar. His previous owner said he has a lot of hunting experience. He loves to retrieve and seems to have a very curious nose. He is a leaner and likes to cuddle and snuggle. He gets a long with dogs (males & females). He also rides well in the car. He is an all around sweet boy and should fit into a home pretty easily.  Willies is being fostered in MN.

For more information 
on Willie, please contact 
Jeff Matz at 
or 651-261-4924