Adoptable German Wirehaired Pointers

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Saige, 1 yr old Female, Slick Coat, Arizona
To adopt, please fill out an application
Meet Saige- adopter needed - located in AZ. She is a lovely slick coat who will 1 in May. She has been fighting with her sister and will be placed in a home with no other pets. Saige will need to be spayed. 

If you are interested please call 860-921-7827 for more information or simply complete an application.
Pebbles, 9 yr old , female GWP, Seattle, WA
Pebbles located in Seattle, WA  has settled in nicely after her trip from Korea. She's a lovely girl about nine years old who loves the company of her people.

She would do OK in a home with a male dog as long as he was not too rambunctious. She is not aggressive but does not like dogs in her personal space. She will do great in an adult home with somebody who has lots of time to love her She is not ready yet to be adopted so please follow her story on Facebook.

For more information call Suzanne 860-921-7827 and if you are interested in adoption you can fill out the adoption application 
To adopt, please fill out an application
Odin, male GWP, Yuba, CA
Odin- located in Yuba City. CA
This boy is a heartbreaker. He is being tested for Cushings He is intact and HW positive. He is very friendly to people and dogs he is with a wonderful foster couple and has already showing signs of weight gain and improvements in his skin. 

He has a long road ahead to good health. We are definitely looking for donations to help with his medical care. 

When he is fully vetted and ready he will be put up for adoption.

If you have questions please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 donations can be made through our website
Lucy, 6 yr old, spayed, female GWP, Carmichael, CA
Luna, 5 yr old spayed,  female GWP, Orangevale, CA
Dusty (4) & Quinn (5), intact females Slick Coat GWP, Pennsylvania
Located in Pennsylvania Two slick females. 

Dusty a four-year-old intact and Quinn a five-year-old also intact. 

These dogs were given up due to the owners illness. 

Quinn lived her first year inside however both dogs have been kenneled outside and in the garage for the past four years. 

I am looking for Foster’s for both of them they will be separated. Please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 for more information. You can also complete a Foster application​.

Irma, 6 yr old spayed female GWP, Schaumburg, IL
Louie, 4.5 yr old male GWP, Colorado
Klaus, 2 yr old male GWP, Minneapolis, MN
Courtesy listing-Colorado-Louie is 4 1/2 and was raised as a farm dog. 

He is learning how nice it is to live inside and still has occasional accidents. 

He is well mannered inside, would be great with a female dog, no cats! 

Call Cindy 970-353-1385
Klaus is a black and white neutered male born 3/17/20. He has been with Donald the last couple months.and is doing very well. 

The owner states Klaus comes from a long line of bird dogs, and is a phenomenal hunter himself. He is goofy, incredibly intelligent, and lovable towards people. He loves playing outside, and hunting. 

He is high-energy, and he will need to be placed in a home without other dogs or cats. Additionally, Klaus would benefit from a home without small children. Klaus would thrive in a hunting home, and one where he gets lots of love. He is housetrained and crate trained.

If you can offer Klaus a home please contact Suzanne 860-921-7827 or fill out an application.
Hoyt, 7 yr old neutered male GWP, PA
Karbon, male GWP, Wellston, OH
Karbon has been with Heidi a couple of months now. He is loving and full of energy. Karbon is well crate trained and seems to be doing well with house breaking, but will still require being watched. 

His obedience training is spot on and he would probably make a great competitive obedience dog. He is not safe around small dogs or cats, but loves people of all sizes. 

Due to his energy level, however, he would be best suited with older children. Karbon needs an owner that is dedicated to spending a lot of time training, as he is very active. He will be a fun dog for the right person. Reach out to Suzanne Oslander to apply for adoption..

Please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 or complete an application
Hoyt-7 yr old neutered male located in PA. 

No cats or small dogs. Good with adults and children.  rehoming, because he does not get along with the other dog in the house. 

He loves car rides and walks and cuddles. His ideal home would be with somebody who either works from home or is not gone for long hours. 

Please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 or fill out an application. 
Meet Luna located in Orangevale California. Luna is a five year old spayed, female. She is incredibly sweet and kind hearted, energetic, and adores people. 

She loves fetch and patrolling the property. She is housetrained, crate, trained and remote collar trained. She is very exuberant prone to jumping and play nipping when excited so she does require consistency in her training. 

She adores children, but her high energy may be too much for toddlers. She can become jealous of other dogs so she will be placed as the only dog in the home. 

She is good with cats once she gets to know them. She does have some allergies that are well-managed with Apoquel.  If you are interested in learning more, please call or text Suzanne at 860-921-7827 to fill out an application
Pete, male, GWP, Virginia
Update: Pete has settled in beautifully with his foster. He went to the vet last Monday and is scheduled to have surgery on his wounds on Tuesday. They will debride the wounds, pack them with manuka honey, stitch the bandage in place and put a surgical suit on him. The procedure including his first visit will be about $1200. I am including some recent photos.

Pete is a lovely dog he has settled in with his foster family. He is good with dogs, adults and children. He wants to be with them all the time but he is not pushy. Yes, they go in the room and close the door. He will wait patiently outside the door. I don’t know where he came from, but he appears to be a dog that was loved at one point in his short life, if you can help donations would be greatly appreciated toward his care. Our website is simply click on the donation tab and put in Pete’s name to specify donations are for him. I will update everyone Tuesday night after the procedure is completed.

If you can help, please text me 860-921-7827. 
To adopt, please fill out an application
To adopt, please fill out an application
To adopt, please fill out an application
To adopt, please fill out an application
To adopt, please fill out an application
To adopt, please fill out an application
Kate & Allie, 3 yr old,  spayed females GWP, Shelbyville, KY
To adopt, please fill out an application
Located in Kentucky - Kate is liver and Allie is white. They both had shots and were spayed. They are both estimated to be 3 years. 

They are currently in boarding and we are looking for a foster to keep them together please call or text Suzanne 860-921-7827
Hank & Gus,  males GWP, Georgetown, OH
To adopt, please fill out an application
Meet brothers Hank and Gus located in Georgetown Ohio. The owner has had major surgery and is not able to care for them. 

They are both crate, trained and only come as far as the breezeway of the home. If you could foster these guys or would like to adopt, please call or text Suzanne 860-921-7827 or complete the adoption application
Sawyer,  1 1/2 yr old male GWP, Grandview, MO
To adopt, please fill out an application
Meet Irma-six year old spayed, female located in Schaumburg Illinois. Irma’s family is moving and will be unable to take her. She is very friendly toward people and loves to cuddle, but can be overprotective of her people with other dogs. 

She is up-to-date on all her shots and is heartworm negative, call my mom if you can offer her a wonderful home please call or text Suzanne 860-921-7827 or complete the adoption application.
To adopt, please fill out an application
Lucy aka Lucille Ball-available in Carmichael, California. Lucy is a very special girl who will be six years old in June. She is spayed and weighs about 70 pounds. 

Her family is very sad to have made the decision to rehome her. They had sincerely hoped to have a home with a beautiful yard, but it has not worked out. Lucy, is in a condo with a new baby. Although she is loved, she does not get the time or exercise that she needs.  

She has been through obedience and is good on leash and off. She is also e collar trained and has a wonderful recall. 

Lucy loves to play but she also loves to snuggle. Lucy is also good with cats. 

If you have time to give her the kind of attention, she craves please call or text Suzanne 860-921-7827 or simply complete, an adoption application
To adopt, please fill out an application
Patriot, 5.5 yr old neutered male, GWP, Wellston, OH
Courtesy Post for Blueline Kennels - Wellston, OH

Patriot is a 5.5 yr old neutered male. He is super scared of life, but has no aggression towards people. 

He is not good with male dogs. Patriot is looking for a loving home with patient people, who are willing to help boost his confidence. 

He will require a lot of love and patience, but is calm and gentle and loves attention. I can't have him loose in the house because I have male dogs, so hate for him to spend and extended period of time here. If you would be interested in foster or adopting Patriot please reach out. He has reportedly done well around children, but I have not had a chance to witness this first hand. He is quiet and very well mannered.

Call Heidi if you have any questions (704) 201-7857
Hurley, 2 yr old, neutered, male GWP, Pocatello, ID
To adopt, please fill out an application
Hurley two year old, neutered male located in Pocatello, Idaho. 

He was picked up as a stray on the reservation and never reclaimed. He looking foster. Hurley is good with people and gets along with other dogs. 

If you are interested, please call Suzanne 860-921-7827 or simply complete the foster application.
Meet Benelli located in Bluffdale Utah. 

Benelli is a four year-old female, black and white.  Her owner is not home enough to meet her needs. 

She is selective of the dogs that she likes so we prefer to place her in a home without other dogs. 

If you are interested, please call Suzanne 860-921-7827, or simply fill out an adoption application
To adopt, please fill out an application
Benelli, 4 yr old, female GWP, Blufdale, UT
Hilde, 10 yr old, female GWP, St Paul, MN
To adopt, please fill out an application
Meet Hilde located in Saint Paul Minnesota. 

Hilde was picked up as a stray, but due to her microchip, the clinic was able to trace her back to her owner. Her owner is elderly, in poor health, and can no longer care for Hilde. She is 10 years old. It is a very sweet girl. She gets along well with other dogs is well behaved in the house and is very easy to live with you. She does have some fatty tumors, which we are going to have checked and removed if necessary. 

If you are interested in adopting the seed, your girl, please call Suzann 860-921-7827 or simply complete the adoption application
Sawyer located in Grandview, MO. Sawyer was pulled from the shelter. Little is known about his history, but here is information from his foster mom. 

Sawyer would thrive in an active and outdoorsy family who matches his energy level. Ideally, his new family would be runners or even hunters, as his breed is excellent for bird hunting. Sawyer is incredibly intelligent and an amazing jumper, so his new family should have ample space for him to run and play. While he loves attention and cuddles, he would prefer to be the only dog in the household, as he wants to be the center of attention.

It's important to note that Sawyer is not an accessory, but rather a member of the family who requires a lot of love and attention. He should not be kenneled all day and expected to be chill, as this would not suit his personality. 

Additionally, Sawyer experienced separation anxiety due to his time spent in a shelter, so his new family should be aware of this and work with him to help him feel comfortable and secure.

Sawyer is still a puppy and learning, so he may make mistakes, but he is worth getting to know. He is a ride or die type of dog who will be fiercely loyal to his family. If you're an active, outdoorsy family looking for a smart and affectionate pup to join your crew, Sawyer may be the perfect addition!

For more information on Sawyer, please call Suzanne 860-921-7827, or go online and fill out an adoption application