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Microchip Program
$18 buys more than a microchip!

                      Included with each purchase:
  • Lifetime registration with NO annual fee
  • Free shipping
  • NGWPR maintained records of purchase
  • Ability to be listed as primary or secondary contact with ZERO liability*

*The AKC Legal Department designed the Reunite Program to provide liability protection to breeders who microchip their puppies​
It's simple, easy, and does not require a veterinarian to insert the chip. Microchips provide constant identification for your pet for life and can be inserted at anytime after 6 weeks of age.

Animal control facilities, shelters, rescues and vet offices 
scan each lost animal. A microchip provides a name, phone number, and address so that owner and/or breeder can be notified immediately.

Each chip comes in a sterile package with its own syringe and needle for safe insertion. 

To order or for more information, contact Diane Turner at turner.p.diane@gmail.com or call 520-490-2601

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