Fostering Program
If you are a GWP owner or if you have had Wires in the past 
and are familiar with the breed and have experience with 
obedience and /or field training NGWPR needs you. 

The Wireheart's Foster Network is a nationwide network of 
foster families, evaluators, trainers and transporters. Through 
the efforts of our Wireheart's foster families each rescued 
GWP has the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to 
fit into a permanent and loving home. 

We know that a well-manned dog transitions into a new family successfully. Therefore, our Wireheart's foster families open their homes to our rescue Wires then spend time teaching basic obedience skills, working on house manners and providing social experiences for their foster dogs. 

NGWPR assumes the cost for medical screening 
and procedures, transportation and all other 
expenses incurred by the rescue dog. We do 
ask that our foster families provide food for 
their rescue dog, unless a special diet is 
dictated by a veterinarian. 

NGWPR provides foster care training and 
instructs our new foster volunteers in the 
NGWPR foster and adoption protocol. NGWPR 
also carries liability insurance that covers 
each of our foster care givers. 

To become a Wirehair's Foster we encourage 
you to become a member of the German 
Wirehaired Pointer Club of America (GWPCA) 
The GWPCA membership application is available
 from the GWPCA website. 

Then please go to the NGWPR website and complete a Foster Application and sign the Foster Agreement and submit it via the internet. The NGWPR National Rescue Coordinator will then contact you to discuss your application. 

As a Wireheart's Foster Care Giver you will be a valued partner in our effort to give each GWP in need chance for a wonderful new life. 

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