Hero Donations
​Our senior bonded pair, Hanzel and Gretal, who were dropped off at the shelter by their owner and then put on the euthanasia list are with their foster who plans to adopt them both. They both developed kennel cough while being boarded and Gretal is battling pneumonia. Their kennel and vet bills are now exceeding $2000.00. Please consider donating to help cover their expenses.
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Help Needed for Hero- everyone remembers the dog found barely alive under an abandoned house in Minnesota. He was 38 pounds and relatively healthy except for serious dental issues. Photos below show his transformation. He is now over 60 pounds, very healthy except that eating is painful. He is only about 6 years old but he was either kenneled or chained and he did massive damage chewing metal. 
MedVet has evaluated him and the estimate for dental work is $3,000. to 3,500 with our rescue discount.  We are over half  the way, with $2,165 (as of 6/18/19), to meeting the goal to cover Hero's dental work.  Please help Hero have the best chance for a long happy life by donating for his dental care.
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Hanzel and Gretal Donations